Indoor electric go-kart track

If you are looking for a new challenge for you and your friends, PGK is waiting for you with the only indoor electric karting track in the whole of Umbria.
Over 550 metres of curves, drops and pure adrenaline designed by European and national karting champion Paolo Gagliardini to test your driving skills.

Runway length


Number of curves


Max kart

Adults 12
Children 8



Speed, safety and excitement for all

Come and discover the go-kart track: at PGK you can rediscover the pleasure of being with friends and get involved with all the fun of powerful electric karts.

A safe space designed for adults and children that will win over beginners and four-wheel enthusiasts alike.



Advanced vehicles with power up to 60 km/h, adult karts await you on the track for a breathtaking experience.



A love that is nurtured from an early age, our children’s karts take to the track at speeds of up to 35 km/h.

Racing modes

Choose your favourite racing mode or try them all; train your driving skills until you reach the podium.

Types of race:

Free laps from
Grand Prix
lap final race*
* this is a racing simulation
Free laps from

Our commitment to the drivers

The priority for our karting centre is the protection of the drivers, which is why we have adopted advanced safety measures such as the track’s crash barriers, technical clothing supplied by PGK and the telemetry system for remote adjustment of the kart’s power.

We continue our search for the most effective methods to keep drivers safe.

The circuit

One of the longest tracks in Italy, it is on two levels and ends in beauty with a chicane before the finish line. Unpredictable and challenging for new and experienced drivers.

The karts

Agile, fast and almost completely silent. PGK karts whizz around safely thanks to the power of electricity and give the driver full control on the road.

Parties and events

We organise parties and events at the go-kart track complete with buffets and customised set-ups.

Choose whether to reserve our spaces for the whole day or for a specific time; we will take care of the rest.

Corporate events

A good opportunity for team building or promoting your company, a fully branded tournament that strengthens bonds between colleagues and showcases your business.

Private events

A memorable party that brings everyone together, at PGK you can organise karting tournaments to challenge friends on your birthday or to make a stag or hen do special.

Karting school

If racing on the track is not enough for you and you want to learn more about karting, sign up for a dedicated school. We rent the track to qualified instructors who run courses at all levels, for adults and children.