PGK: go-kart circuit in Perugia

A passion for the world of karting and the desire to make this experience accessible to everyone, at any time of the year, led PGK to create Umbria’s first and only indoor track.

We want to be the point of reference for those looking for a safe and welcoming space for fun, where they can get together with friends or cultivate their interests in the company of a qualified technical team.

The next challenge

We carefully maintain the karts and the circuit, provide safety equipment and our technical team is always available to advise and support you.

Sfida i tuoi colleghi, festeggia insieme al tuo gruppo con una corsa emozionante o promuovi la tua attività con i tornei su misura di PGK.

Racing modes

Choose your favourite racing mode or try them all; train your driving skills until you reach the podium.

Types of race:

Free laps from
Grand Prix
lap final race*
* this is a racing simulation
Free laps from
Visit us and discover all the possibilities!

You can organise a promotional event or spend time with friends; just register.