Electric go-karts for children

Our karts let even the youngest children approach the world of driving and cultivate their passion for four-wheelers.
Adrenaline, speed, but, first and foremost, safety.

We take care of our drivers through circuit-integrated protection systems and daily fleet maintenance.

Fun for young drivers

The first driving experience is never forgotten; organise karting tournaments and challenges for your children’s birthday party or race with them on two-seater karts.

The PGK circuit accommodates up to 8 karts with a maximum speed of 35 km/h at the same time and is equipped with crash-absorbing protection systems.
Children from 4 to 7 years of age can ride in a two-seater kart together with an adult, over 7 years of age and with a minimum height of 1.25 m they can drive the karts independently at reduced speed, and from 14 years of age and above they have access to the adult karts.

How to register

You must take out an annual registration at a cost of €7, which includes the rental of security devices.

The policy is individual; therefore each registration is personal and there are no cumulative registrations for families or groups.

How to register a minor

The registration of children depends on their age:

Karting school for children

Take your passion for engines to another level with the karting school.
We rely on a group of selected instructors who form classes according to the level of the children and run a varied programme lasting about a month.

Frequently asked questions

The vehicles are designed to allow children and adults to race carefree, taking various preventive protective measures.

If you don’t find the information you were looking for, don’t worry:

the PGK team is there to help you.