Go-karts for corporate events

The karting track is a place to meet, have fun and get together, which is why we thought of offering companies the opportunity to organise team building and sponsorship events.

Book the track for a few hours or spend the whole day with us!

Team building and corporate events in karts

Several companies recognise the values of being proactive and the desire to get involved, the same elements that you can find in a kart race.
You can create an event to sponsor your business or to increase team spirit between employees and co-workers.

Kart racing is easy and you can start having fun from the first race, even without any experience. Likewise, the more time you spend on the track, the more exciting the racing becomes.

First time on the track?

If this is your first time on the track or if you need to brush up on basic functions, track characteristics and safety rules, you can count on the initial briefing by the technical team.

Please note that access to the track is only possible after registration at the venue, via app or website

In the case of groups, we recommend that you arrive on the day of the race having already registered, in order to be ready to start immediately.

Full event customisation and organisation

We can help you organise your event in a big way, with buffet and catering or with an in-house bar service. You can choose to have the go-kart track available for a fixed period or for the whole day.

Each tournament is unique thanks to the possibility of customising the prizes and the podium with the company logo. That’s not all: on the day of the event the whole track takes on a different look, you can brand it:

Frequently asked questions

If you have any doubts before you get behind the wheel, you can consult our frequently asked questions, where you will find all the indispensable information.

Karting school for children

Take your passion for engines to another level with the karting school.
We rely on a group of selected instructors who form classes according to the level of the children and run a varied programme lasting about a month.