Our electric go-karts

Keep your foot on the accelerator and experience the thrill of speed with electric go-karts from world-leading brand Sodikart.

Beginners and experts alike can enjoy the pleasure of electric driving, which is incredibly smooth and responsive.
The wide adjustment range gives you full control of the vehicle and is therefore also ideal for those who are not very familiar with it.

Wanna bet that if you switch to electric you will never go back?

Electric go-karts to be driven at any age

Electric go-karts are the best alternative for those who want to get their fill of excitement without sacrificing safety.

Our circuit provides robust, lightweight and well-equipped vehicles to effectively protect young drivers and adults.

Thanks to their structure, they deliver champion performance and a unique driving feel.

Why opt for electric go-karts

The preference over combustion engine go-karts stems from some important advantages of the electric motor:

Improved recovery

Time to reach the speed limit

Immediate kart response

Speed control and responsiveness to controls

Zero dirt and zero smog

No grease on clothes and no Co2 emissions

Reduced noise

And noise pollution

Reduced vibration

Compared to karts with combustion engines: more stability in the seat

Power calibration

Remote speed control

The safety of electric go-karts

The vehicles are designed to allow children and adults to race carefree, taking various preventive protective measures.


the technicians control the kart remotely and limit power, if necessary

Adjustment of the driving position

the distance to the controls can be adapted

Pre-race dressing

no specific clothing or tracksuit is required, but neck protection, helmet and chest protectors are provided


Three-point belts

Daily kart maintenance

Tyre inflation and battery charging

Test the power of our karts on the track.

Fire up your engines and choose your opponents for the next race.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any doubts before you get behind the wheel, you can consult our frequently asked questions, where you will find all the indispensable information.

If you don’t find the information you were looking for, don’t worry:

the PGK team is there to help you.