Our indoor go-kart track

Rely on the experience of our go-kart track for a ride on four wheels like you have never experienced.
The finish line has never been closer with PGK’s indoor circuit: its features provide the authentic racing experience while prioritising safety.

The characteristics of the track

PGK has designed an indoor go-kart track of over 550 metres, one of the longest in Italy. A game of climbs, descents and subways for a two-level indoor track that will let you experience the real adrenaline rush of karting.

Safety on the track

A true engine expert like PGK knows how important details are, which is why we pay daily attention to track maintenance.

The track is coated with a material that provides unbeatable grip and limits skidding. It features a protection system with integrated springs and barriers to effectively absorb shocks and provide riders with unbridled fun.

Why race with electric karts?

Ideal for beginners and experts alike, the best choice for those who want to get their fill of excitement without sacrificing safety.